Cooler as... "Collector's item #2" February 15 2015

The Cooler as... Tshirt is a hit

This winning tee has been one of our most popular Tshirts to date. We love creating these Limited edition collectors item Tshirts where we feature our company icon illustrated into a certain sub-culture or environment. We have loved seeing the reaction that these Tees have caused, as we have put a lot of time and effort to Illustrate these for you. We are still huge fans of art and the way art communicates through an emotion or a message. That's why we believe these Tshirts have grown in popularity because there are a lot of people out that that appreciate time and effort in creating something amazing. On top of that, these Tees are limited edition.

Why Limited Edition T-shirts

We decided to create pieces on Tshirts in limited quantities, available for short window periods at a time. Why? I'm THAT guy that likes to go into a place and be the only one wearing a particular Tshirt. It gets to me when I'm 1 of 3 wearing the same cool tee... that for me dilutes the coolness of that tee. I'm sure I'm not the only one right? There you have it, we love creating pieces that people can wear and be proud of.

Not all of our Tshirts are limited edition pieces, like our logo tees that are always available on our site. Despite the simplicity of these Tees, they remain the most popular items for sale. There you have it. The Cooler as... Tshirt is 165 gram tubular woven Tshirt with a soft print on the front and a small print on the back. Buy one now, and you just might receive something cool in the post with it.